One of the biggest hassles of being a human being is when your pride begins to start playing tricks on you. Just because you can get a job and buy stuff or build stuff, you suddenly start thinking that you have everything figured out. Just because you have some capitalized letters after your name on a calling card, you think you can call things out and have it all turn out right. There’s a certain arrogance that comes with human aging. From sheer dependency as babies to teen arrogance to pig-headed adulthood (like me when I though I could optimize my website by myself when there are great guides available everywhere). Isn’t it grand? Our pride makes us numb-both to ourselves and to others. Our spirit begins to die slowly. Then tragedy occurs. Everyone’s moment of truth differs from everyone else’s: it can be a divorce for some, for others it could be several months of unemployment, for others it is addiction, some people can even get addicted to boiling eggs (not naming names :) good guide on eggtutor). Regardless of the shape and color our challenges choose to appear in, everyone will face challenges. natureIt is during these times that some of us choose to see the truth. The painful truth is that we don’t have it all figured out. We don’t call the shots And it isn’t all about us. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for your sweetie to walk out on you with her favorite Zumba trainer to get a whiff of this fundamental truth. You don’t even have to feel your boss’ boot as you get kicked out off a job to get a firm understanding of the reality of humility. In fact, all you need to do is spend some time in nature. Yes, nature-the real thing, not the manicured glossy postcard man-made caricature we all are tricked into believing exists in town parks across the country. When you lose yourself in the immensity of Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, you can’t help but be reminded of where you stand in the cosmos. The spiritual side aside, walking or doing sports (like a bike trip we recently made in the netherlands with which was tiring but very satisfying) in nature is also good if you are looking to lose weight. It’s also good for overall health, even for your hair. You’ll move and be in the nature at the same time!

The immensity and infinity of it all
You don’t have to have Carl Sagan telling you about ‘billions and billions’ of stars to get a feel for the immensity of nature and the very limited nature of human existence. We’re not just one in billions, we’re possibly just one in trillions upon trillions of other organisms spread out through the galaxy. One might feel small, but it is actually quite liberating for the spirit. Our spirit, our humanity, is part of a cosmic plan or cosmic flow. If we just let our pride break down a bit, instead of feeling lost in the immensity of nature, this immensity can be just the reminder we need to see our true place in the cosmos. It is not all about us. It is not all about I, me, and mine. Realizing this is the key to a full flowering of the human spirit. You will need an appetite suppressant if you want to enjoy life as in eating nice dinners.